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    Thinking of building or remodeling?

    We specialize in windows and doors and other quality building components to the upscale housing market. We have a complete window and exterior door shop and assemble the entire line of THERMA-TRU door products.

    We have custom millwork capabilities and can supply any architectural feature desired–including windows and doors. All of our products are guaranteed, and our own field service crew handles warranty issues and field adjustments. Our sales staff has many years of experience and can assist with any building or remodeling project.

    We have been here since 1988 and will be here long after your new home or remodel is completed to provide first class warranty service. Our reputation is solid, and we will respond to your individual needs. Please consider us when selecting your supplier.

    FREE Delivery and Shipping ANYWHERE.
    Research Service – We Can Special Order Anything!
    Huge Literature Selection.
    Special Discounts and Rebates to Dedicated Customers.
    Statements that separate and sub-total each job.
    Builder Showroom and Conference Room.
    A Service Department that handles field adjustments and warranty issues.
    Everything is GUARANTEED!

    Quality – Experience – Dependability – Specializing in Service to the Upscale Builder, Remodeler & Homeowner Since 1988

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